Advanced Account Recovery With AI-Powered Security Questions

Our AI-driven system checks the answers provided by your users to maximum security and minimize liability.

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Advanced Account Recovery With AI-Powered Security Questions

Our AI-driven system checks the answers provided by your users to maximize security and minimize liability.

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Consider this breakdown of account recovery costs for your organization:

Employees Locked Out Everyday

Minutes per account recovery

Hours of Support Daily

Total Cost ($20/hr) Per Year

What are AI enhance security questions?

Traditional security questions often rely on generic and, with enough research, guessable information, leaving accounts vulnerable to unauthorized access. Center Identity leverages the power of AI to transform this crucial aspect of security. Our AI tailors security questions to the individual user, making them more specific and relevant. This customization significantly reduces the chances of attackers guessing or obtaining answers through research.

How Do They Work?

Users are prompted to create their security questions during the initial setup or when resetting their security information. Users are encouraged to choose questions that evoke personal memories or experiences. These questions are meant to be unique to each user and not easily guessed by potential attackers.


Center Identity revolutionizes security questions by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, here are some of the key features:

AI Question Assessment

Once a user submits their chosen security question, our AI system steps in to assess its strength. The AI evaluates the question's complexity, uniqueness, and relevance to ensure it meets the criteria for robust security. It checks for any patterns that may make the question predictable or easily answerable.

Adaptive Questioning

Center Identity's AI continually refines the user-generated security questions. If it detects any issues with the question's strength or predictability, it can suggest improvements or alternative questions to enhance security.

Answer Assessment

Our AI evaluates security question answers in real-time. When users provide their answers, our AI immediately scans for vulnerabilities like guess-ability, unclear input, and other insecure patterns.

Flexible Matching

Center Identity's AI understands that users may not always provide answers that match their initial input exactly. It employs advanced algorithms to determine if the provided answer is essentially correct, even if there are slight variations. This flexibility ensures that legitimate users can regain access to their accounts with ease.

Why you need to act now!

Experience the game-changing ROI of AI-driven account recovery solutions. Boost security with advanced algorithms that adapt and match answers intelligently, reducing support costs, preventing unauthorized access, and enhancing user satisfaction. Invest in the future of account recovery and see significant returns on your implementation.

Reduced Support Costs

One of the primary benefits of an improved account recovery solution is a reduction in support costs. By making it easier for users to recover their accounts without needing assistance from customer support, you can save money on support staff salaries and reduce the volume of support tickets.

Decreased Account Lockouts

Enhanced security questions and AI-driven answer matching can decrease the chances of legitimate users getting locked out of their accounts due to forgotten answers. This, in turn, can lead to higher user satisfaction and fewer missed revenue opportunities caused by frustrated users, while also reducing expenses related to support and lost productivity.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

A more secure account recovery solution can prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud, which could result in financial losses in the millions, along with a lasting negative impact on the brand.