Ai Protected Digital Wallet

Ensure your family's digital security with the most sophisticated password manager on the market.

Ai Protected Digital Wallet

Security and Ease of Use Are Paramount for the Adoption of Digital

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What Is Our Digital Wallet with AI-Enhanced Recovery Features?

AI-protected secret locations for digital wallet access.Imagine a system where your significant personal memories, linked to specific geo-coordinates, become the key to accessing all your digital currency assets.

With the help of AI, you'll be guided to select these meaningful memories, ensuring that each one is not only significant but also easily recallable.

Who Stores My Secret Locations?

You do, in your brain. Center Identity only stores the hints you provide, which help you recall the locations later.

Do you use third party services?

Yes, our AI engine and map interface are both provided by third parties. However, these services cannot use the information provided to them to recover your wallet.

Who can see my secret locations or private username?

Both your private username and secret locations never leave your browser. Our wallet operates on a zero-knowledge principle, with the exception of the location hints you provide and your email address.


Center Identity revolutionizes key management & recovery with game-changing innovations, here are some of the key features:

Memorable Key Recovery

Traditional key recovery methods can be cumbersome and insecure. Center Identity's proprietary AI technology enables you to create a private key derived solely from your personal and private memories. Say goodbye to complex passwords and security questions!

AI-Powered Validation

We use AI algorithms to vet the secret location hints you provide. This assessment ensures your private key is robust against guess-ability and unintelligible input. Your security is our top priority.

Key Event Logs

With our advanced key event logs, your master memory-based private key is never stored on any device. Only keys derived from the master memory key are stored. Lose your keys or have them stolen? No problem. Simply revoke them, and your data remains safe and accessible.

Preserve Your History

Unlike other solutions, Center Identity ensures your digital history is not lost when you lose your key. The previous data associated with your previous key still belongs to you, and you can easily prove it using our key event logs and your master memory key.

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